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Rat Race Productions Fiberglass Repair
Industrial Fiberglass Repair - Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, Arizona

Rat Race Productions aerial equipment fiberglass repair shop in Phoenix

power company boom trucks at Rat Race in Phoenix
ABOVE : Power company boom trucks lined up at Rat Race Productions fiberglass repair shop in Phoenix, Arizona
The professional aerial equipment fiberglass repair and refinish shop in Phoenix for power company aerial equipment fiberglass including buckets, truck booms, digger derricks, horse heads, and jib booms.... We make your fiberglass equipment like brand new!!! fiberglass buckets and booms being repaired
ABOVE: Fiberlass booms and buckets being repaired at Rat Race in Phoenix, Arizona.

We do all aerial equipment fiberglass repairs to factory standards. We use dielectrically-tested gel coat finish. Many other shops use car paint may not comply with OSHA and insurance standards for dielectric safety testing on your fiberglass aerial equipment for power line work.
Digger Derrick Horse Head repairs  : fiberglass bucket platform repairs

Power Company Fiberglass repairs Pheonix
ABOVE : Rat Race fiberglass repair works in full swing

boom trucks
ABOVE : More power company boom trucks lined up for repairs at Rat Race Productions in Phoenix, Arizona

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Rat Race Productions
2530 East Harrison Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85034
(602) 914-3305

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