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Industrial Fiberglass Repair - Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, Arizona

Rat Race Productions has been the industrial fiberglass repair in Phoenix

We completely repair and refinish all industrial fiberglass, structural fiberglass and utility company aerial equipment fiberglass including buckets, truck booms, and jib booms like brand new!!!
We do all repairs and reseal work to factory standards including dielectrically-tested gel coat finish. Don't take any chances with shops that use car paint that very well may not comply with OSHA and insurance standards for dielectric safety testing on your fiberglass utility equipment. Using car paint can cost you big time!!

fiberglass  buckets repair service
We do COMPLETE prep work on all of our industrial fiberglass aerial equipment repairs... man-buckets are sanded inside and out and resealed inside and out professionally to factory standards making them as good as new. We don't take any shortcuts. Our repairs and reseals keep your equipment safe and in-compliance for OSHA and insurance company standards.

fiberglass man buckets repair before and after
The above photos shows how we can repair any fiberglass bucket and make it 100%!!!... like brand new. We only refinish fiberglass aerial equipment with dielectric rated gel coat as per manufacturer specs. Other repair facilities often use regular automotive paints which are not dielectrically tested and approved for use by the equipment manufacturers, OSHA, etc.

Fiberglass Horse-heads repair and reseal:
Before and After photos of our fiberglass repair and reseal/refinishing job on utility company boom truck digger derrick horse head Phoenix, Arizona

Fiberglass Jib Boom Repair:
Complete repair and reseal / refinish using manufacturer recommended dielectrically-tested gel coat on jib boom returning it to complete in-service and 100% factory spec , just like brand new!! Complete, professional, experienced Our fiberglass reseal / refinishing is done with dielectrically-tested and OSHA-approved safe gel coat per manufacturers' standards.

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Rat Race Productions
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